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Hi, my name is Chris Newton. I have worked with steam systems and boilers all my life. I was the last full time steam engineer on British Railways. I later went on to become the Chief Mechanical Engineer on one the largest Railways in the UK. For nine years I worked for BIB Cochran boilers, the countries largest boiler manufacturer.

I have toured the country and overseas, giving many hundreds of training courses. It is whilst employed with Cochran, that I have had the opportunity to undergo a post graduate course in adult teaching. It has enabled me to learn the fundamental skills needed (and often missing) in adult occupational training. This allows me to combine my love and enthusiasm for the subject with the need to convey the information required, in an interesting stimulating manner.

I have been teaching the accredited scheme course for the past twelve years; achieving the highest pass rates.
Good experiential learning must be enjoyable. I feel it is a trainer’s responsibility to do whatever it takes to enable the diverse learning styles of their students to be accommodated.

I specialise in ‘on-site’ training.
Using your facilities is cost effective

1. Reduces travelling costs
2. Reduces overtime payments
3. Delegates are familiar with other delegates reducing wasteful ‘getting to know you’ time
4. Subject content can be tailored to suit your plant
5. Delegates can do their practical work on their boiler plant
6. Managers can call in during the courses to verify they are getting value for money