Course syllabus


Boiler Operation and INDG436-BG01 Safety Awareness


A one day course fulfilling the minimum requirements for H.S.E. guidance INDG436-BG01 ‘Automatically controlled steam and hot water boilers’ training of boiler operatives.


Who Should Attend


This course is for shift operators, managers, security guards and maintenance personnel who may be required to start up, shut down the boiler or respond to alarms whilst they are on shift.



Course content:-

·        Health and safety, relating to steam and boiler systems.

·        Causes of boiler explosions.

·        What a boiler is, what it does, and the basic construction details.

·        Shift, daily, and weekly checks.

·        Controls and instrumentation.

·        Guidance note INDG436-BG01 and its implications.

·        Boiler logs and records.

·        Actions to be taken in emergencies.

·        Start up sequence.

·        Simple faults and failures.

·        The need for water treatment and COSHH relating to treatment chemicals.

·        Fuels and combustion.

·        Efficiency.



Delivered in a manner to suit the delegates learning styles. Illustrated with drawings videos and slides.

At ‘on site’ courses a trip is made into the boiler house to identify and practice (where production allows) the theories learned in the classroom