Course Syllabus


Boiler Operation, Safety and Maintenance




A two day course comprising of operation and INDG436-BG01 safety awareness. Including ‘hands on’ maintenance and fault finding. Directed at engineering and maintenance personnel.



Course content:-

·        Heath and safety relating to the operation and maintenance of boiler, steam systems.

·        Boiler design and construction.

·        Recording details of own boiler plant.

·        Recording start up sequence of their own boiler plant.

·        Causes of boiler explosions.

·        The importance of strict adherence to carrying out and keeping records of Shift, daily and weekly checks.

·        Boiler controls, valves fittings and adjustments.

·        Guidance note INDG436-BG01 and its implications to maintenance.

·        Boiler efficiency.

·        Steam plant efficiency.

·        Taking of relative readings to monitor and improve boiler and plant efficiency.

·        Combustion and burner maintenance.

·        Gas regulations and their relevance.

·        Boiler feed-water systems.

·        Water treatment.

·        Written examination.



Illustrated with instruction to demonstrate the skills and principles required to operate modern steam plant in a safe, efficient and manner. This will enable maintenance engineers to develop a logical process, leading to a safer and more efficient operation.

Practical sessions are held. Ideally with the spare boiler if available.